With generational wealth persisting among influential families, we’ve pinpointed a specific market need for both generational wealth holders and first-generation founders who have recently exited businesses. Our collaborative approach extends to direct partnerships with families, as well as through channels that connect us to such families, including multi family offices, financial advisors, and wealth managers.

Family Offices

We work with families across generations of established wealth and those who have recently encountered significant liquidity events. Whether it’s long-standing wealth or first-generation prosperity, our goal remains constant: to assist each family in establishing a firm foundation for both their investments and the relationships we foster with them. We aim to present viable multifamily investment opportunities to meet their allocation needs within the real estate sector.

Wealth Managers & Financial Advisors

Some of the families we collaborate with initially connect with us through their in-house teams or extended services, such as multi family office, financial advisory, or wealth management channels. We work in tandem with their existing relationships to cultivate a cohesive investment strategy. This involves not only educating the families about investment opportunities but also providing insights to the financial professionals involved. Our commitment ensures the establishment of a process marked by close collaboration and thorough understanding before initiating any investments.

Our Approach

We place a premium on transparency, education, professionalism, and understanding the long-term needs of all parties involved. Our goal is to actively contribute to the ongoing creation of generational wealth for the families under our guidance.

The initiation of each relationship involves an introductory call, laying the foundation for transparent communication. Additionally, we firmly believe that meaningful relationships benefit from face-to-face interactions and time spent together. This commitment to collaborative interaction allows us to grasp the nuanced dynamics of each family and tailor our wealth-building strategies accordingly. Our aim is to establish long-term partnerships that serve as pillars of financial success.