Nuvo Index

The Nuvo Index (NUVX) is a proprietary indicator constructed to inform market participants as to where multifamily values are trading for class B and C assets in primary and secondary markets.

NUVX is a composite index consisting of over $6+ billion in loan balances of fully underwritten multifamily assets. The assets included are class B and C assets in primary and secondary markets with an average build year of 1985. The discount to loan balance and discount to previous transacted price included in the composition is calculated by identifying the ratio of purchase price to loan balance and previous transacted price necessary for an asset to transact in the current market and arrive at a gross internal rate of return of 18%. The NUVX is updated on a quarterly basis and is intended for informational purposes only. NUVX is not intended to be used for investment or trading advice.

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Nuvo Index (NUVX) offers exclusive access to real-time, proprietary research, cutting through the noise to uncover market valuations.

With over $6+ billion in analyzed loan balances, NUVX is a groundbreaking tool in the multifamily real estate market. Our index is specifically designed to provide a more transparent view of class B and C multifamily asset values, covering both primary and secondary markets.

Whether you’re tracking market trends or scouting for valuable investment opportunities, the Nuvo Index is your go-to source for reliable mark-to-market valuations. Our proprietary data not only informs but also guides your investment strategy, offering a solid foundation for your market assessments.

In a constantly changing market, it’s crucial to stay informed by accessing accurate and relevant information. The Nuvo Index (NUVX) serves as a comprehensive resource, providing detailed insights into multifamily real estate valuations. Contact us now to access our proprietary research and consult with our expert team.