1605, 2024

Predicting Multifamily Housing Trends Using Building Permits

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JACKSONVILLE, FL - New apartment construction has only experienced drastic year-over-year (YoY) declines once since 1996, which occurred during the Great Financial Crisis (GFC) in 2010. This research examines the predictive relationships between the issuance of building permits for multifamily [...]

1403, 2024

The Relationship Between Construction Employment and Apartment Prices

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JACKSONVILLE, FL - The construction sector and housing market are critical indicators of economic health and consumer confidence. This article explores the nuanced relationship between construction employment—a proxy for the sector's vitality—and apartment prices, particularly through the lens of economic [...]

802, 2024

The Inaccuracy of Inflation Expectations: A Critical Analysis

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JACKSONVILLE, FL - The reliability of inflation forecasts has dominated discussions on both Wall Street and Main Street recently, impacting our economy and influencing policy decisions. It's commonly believed that inflation expectations, particularly official forecasts, can reliably predict future inflation [...]

1412, 2023

Analyzing the Relationship Between Credit Card Delinquencies and Apartment Prices

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JACKSONVILLE, FL - One might intuitively expect a direct and immediate correlation, and this is largely what we found. We analyzed data from the Federal Reserve of St. Louis to examine the relationship between credit card delinquencies and the apartment [...]

712, 2023

Exploring the Relationship Between M2 Money Supply and Apartment Price Index

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JACKSONVILLE, FL - This article diverges from our typical analyses, which often seek clear correlations between economic variables that impact multifamily real estate. This week, we investigated the relationship between M2 money supply and the Apartment Price Index. The theory [...]

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