What We Buy

Deal Source:

We specialize in sourcing institutional quality off-market, opportunistic and value-add multifamily properties, leveraging our expertise to revitalize and reposition underperforming and non-performing assets.

Target Assets:

Middle market multifamily +/- 150-400 units.

Market Focus:

Southeast and Sunbelt Region

What We Believe

At Nuvo Capital Partners, our foundation is built upon three fundamental pillars: Relationships, Transparency, and Discipline. We hold our equity partners in high regard, viewing them as integral extensions of our team. Our commitment to open and honest communication underscores the importance we place on fostering strong relationships. Additionally, we steadfastly adhere to a disciplined approach, ensuring the execution of our vision for ourselves, our investment partners, and the communities we invest in.

What We Bring

Our team comprises seasoned commercial real estate professionals with a specialized focus on the multifamily sector. Leveraging our collective expertise, we possess a comprehensive understanding of the operational dynamics within the industry. Our CEO, Stuart Keller, brings over 15 years of experience in property management and asset management, specializing in redevleoping and repositioning underperforming assets.

Shaped by our background in hedge funds and private equity, our strategies are aligned with that of institutional and family office investors. With a combined track record of transacting on over $700 million in multifamily opportunities, we take pride in our entrepreneurial approach, particularly in sourcing highly accretive off-market multifamily deals.

Our value is rooted in three foundational pillars: operational proficiency, institutional insight, and effective communication.