JACKSONVILLE, FL – The reliability of inflation forecasts has dominated discussions on both Wall Street and Main Street recently, impacting our economy and influencing policy decisions. It’s commonly believed that inflation expectations, particularly official forecasts, can reliably predict future inflation trends. However, our analysis suggests otherwise, highlighting the inherent difficulties in accurately predicting inflation even a year ahead. This report delves into the data, methodologies, and findings that question the reliability of these forecasts.

Data for this analysis was sourced from the Federal Reserve Economic Data (FRED). We conducted a time-series analysis comparing inflation expectations against actual Consumer Price Index (CPI) figures. Correlations were calculated both with and without a one-year lag in expectations to assess the reliability of inflation forecasts.

Inflation Expectations and Reality

Initial findings revealed a positive correlation of about 0.741 between current inflation expectations and current inflation figures. The time-series chart below shows that the two lines often move in the same direction, indicating a strong positive correlation. However, this chart does not demonstrate the accuracy of predicting future inflation. Instead, it reflects how closely our expectations of future inflation correlate with current inflation levels, which can be attributed to recency bias—placing too much weight on recent experiences. This brings into question the reliability of inflation forecasts.

Prediction vs. Reality

To assess how well our current inflation expectations align with actual inflation one year later, we overlaid expectations for future inflation with actual inflation figures one year later. The correlation dropped dramatically to approximately 0.233, highlighting a significant disconnect between predictions and reality. This sharp decline questions the reliability of inflation forecasts. The chart below illustrates this weak correlation, showing that the variables rarely move in the same direction.

Year-Over-Year Analysis

Taking the analysis further, we examined Year-over-Year (YoY) changes, a common practice for analyzing data correlations. Surprisingly, the correlation turned slightly negative, with non-lagged and lagged data showing correlations of -0.123 and -0.019, respectively. This finding underscores the limitations of inflation forecasts and suggests that heavily relying on these predictions for future economic planning could be misguided.\

Implications for Rate Cuts

While inflation expectations serve as a useful gauge, they should be viewed with caution when incorporated into underwriting models. Over-reliance on the expectation that inflation will fall rapidly, leading to subsequent rate cuts, could be risky. The key takeaway is to avoid assuming that interest rates will drop quickly or that exit cap rates will be significantly lower than current levels. This again underscores the reliability of inflation forecasts.


Our analysis highlights a critical aspect of economic forecasting: the inherent uncertainty in predicting future trends, especially regarding inflation. While inflation expectations provide valuable insights, their limited predictive power, particularly when viewed through the lens of Year-over-Year changes, is questionable at best. Investors and policymakers should be cautious about placing too much confidence in these forecasts and consider a broader range of factors when making economic decisions. The reliability of inflation forecasts remains a complex and uncertain issue.

For a more in-depth analysis and to explore the detailed data and methodology behind these findings, read the full article here.

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